Mitch McConnell’s Former Strategist Implores Trump To Stop Attacking Republican Senators After The President Called Sen. Ben Sasse “Stupid And Obnoxious”

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Today, Trump has spent the majority of his morning lashing out at Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse.

Sasse was recorded on a phone call with constituents earlier this week eviscerating the President over a wide variety of his most atrocious “qualities.”

As expected, because what else does he know how to do, Trump quickly took to his Twitter account to slam the Republican Senator, calling Sasse “stupid and obnoxious.” Republican CNN commentator and former Mitch McConnell adviser Scott Jennings has seen and heard enough and is now strongly urging the President to drop the social media spats with his own party and focus on saving himself politically.


Anchor Victor Blackwell said, “The president has gone on this diatribe through Twitter of attacking Senator Sasse, saying he’s the weakest of the 53 senators. My question to you is, he’s trying to hold onto his office. Every tweet wasted on Ben Sasse, or something else that’s not focused on beating Joe Biden, what does this get him?”

Jennings responded, “It gets him nothing. I would also point out that although I expect Trump to win Nebraska at large, I think that Nebraska-2 — you know, they split their electoral votes out there — I think he’s struggling in Nebraska-2. So that’s one thing to keep in mind.”

“He needs to be focused on drawing a line between him and Joe Biden,” McConnell’s former strategist continued. “I would do this on taxes, Joe Biden would do that. Make it a choice election, so every communication, tweet, at the town halls and debate, everything needs to be framed, everything needs to be focused on my plan versus the Joe Biden plan. If Trump is at the center of the election, whether he’s attacking Sasse or it’s a pure referendum on him, it makes it harder to win. My advice, get focused on your real enemy here, Joe Biden, not Ben Sasse.”

Donald Trump has just days left until the election and to say that he’s floundering would be an understatement. Yet, here we are, with the president dedicating all his time and effort to a few tweets shittalking a Senator.

The guy is literally winning this for us.

You can watch the clip here:

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