Mother Of Marine Claims Son Told Her Fox News Plays On Every TV On Base, Not Allowed To Change The Channel

This is horrifying.

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After multiple reports emerged recently showing Donald Trump’s popularity among members of the military falling precipitously, it was only a matter of time before we found out that someone would take drastic measures to try and remedy that situation.

Usually something like that comes in the form of a directive from the top that makes its way down through the ranks, and this appears to be no different — ailing support for the Commander in Chief could cause massive morale issues among not just the rank and file, but officers and even top brass, as each level of the military has its own reason for the way they feel about the President, from lying about being the first to give them a raise in decades to ignoring actionable intelligence or information counter to Trump policies.

So what could, say, a general friendly to the President do to fix Trump’s battered image among soldiers and officers? Well, he could make sure that they’re not exposed to any more information that would further taint their perceptions of Trump — and that means no real reporting on anything bad about the President.


And if you want nothing but good news about Donald Trump, there’s only one station you can turn to: Fox News.

In fact, that’s what one Marine mom says is exactly the case where her son is stationed:

This really isn’t unheard of even in civilian places. In the town I just moved away from earlier this year, the bar with the best fish and chips in town also had a Fox-at-all-times policy, and I learned to take my orders to go pretty quickly. Hospitals, car repair shops, hotels — all of them can be run by folks afraid of hearing real news, and I’ve started just finding places that don’t show it on their televisions or even asking management if I can change the channel.

But it sure didn’t seem like the Marine mom’s story was an isolated one:

This is exactly what Marine mom fears — brainwashing. And it’s unacceptable.

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