MSNBC Anchor Calls Out House GOP Leader For What Seems To Be A Conspiracy-Fueled Lie He Told On National TV

She didn't hold anything back.

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MSNBC Anchor Stephanie Ruhle was among many to question the motives of GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s appearance in an exclusive interview on Fox News in which he attempted to advance the long-debunked conspiracy theory that Democrats “broke into” Trump Tower and “spied on” Donald Trump’s campaign for president in 2016.

The proposition, while hilariously false, has been one the president has gone back to over and over as an applause line at rallies and during rants on the White House lawn. McCarthy, without an ounce of irony, repeated Trump’s false talking point unquestioningly, framing it as common knowledge and in fact something that Democrats “refuse to look into” in his exchange on Fox:


Literally every word of that is false, including the, and, and is.

But Fox viewers, consistently polled as the least informed — and most misinformed news consumers in America — eat that stuff up. They want to believe that there has been a conspiracy against Trump since day one, no matter how implausible or ridiculous the ideas promoting that view are.

Ruhle was not amused:

Those are bold words from an anchor on a major television network, and she used them (in all caps, no less) for good reason — because it is a lie.

But the possible answer to her question could be more problematic for McCarthy than he can imagine. Actually, scratch that… I think he is imagining it, and that’s why he went on Fox to tell the lie in the first place. The fact is, McCarthy is compromised by money from the same sources that have animated the entire Ukraine debacle:

If the Republicans don’t cheat America out of a Senate trial for the impeachment of Donald Trump — something that looks slightly harder for them to pull off, now that Nancy Pelosi has hung the passed articles over their head until they agree to be fair — Lev Parnas could likely be one of the first witnesses that the Democrats call, and from the overtures his lawyer has made in the press lately, Parnas knows a whole lot and is dying to get it all out in the open. Last night’s evidence dump could be just the beginning.

That could be a disaster not just for Trump and Rudy Giuliani, but for McCarthy and the entire GOP.

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