MSNBC Cut Away From Trump’s Press Briefing: “Based On What We’ve Heard Thus Far, We Do Not Yet Hear Any New Or Newsworthy Information”

Alright, now everybody start doing this.

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Here at Political Tribune, we don’t mind showing you a little of what happens behind the scenes as we bring you news throughout the day. Watching the sausage get made is an important part, we think, of you knowing exactly what our process is and how we decide what’s newsworthy or isn’t.

So here’s what we do during a Donald Trump presser:

We’re all in a work chat — each of us on the PT team is in a different part of the country, of course — and we watch it live on whatever streaming source we decide on. Frankly, we mostly make fun the entire time, because it’s next to impossible to watch him do a press conference and not laugh at him saying ridiculous sentences like “pure basic beautiful intelligence” as he said in his latest.


Often, however, we come away with nothing, and sometimes feel cheated; we’re as eager to write something interesting for you as you are to read it.

As it turns out, the studios on cable news, or at least MSNBC, operate similarly. As Trump rambled through a recent presser, we noticed in our chat that it seemed to be mostly a carbon copy of what he’d said the day before — the same promises, the same false claims, and the same ridiculous doubling down on long-debunked conspiracy theories. So it was more than a little hilarious to see Ari Melber of MSNBC basically decide the same thing live on the air — or decide it along with the producers he’d clearly been sitting there watching it with — and simply cut away from the press conference.

He even said it was because it was all basically the same things he’s said a million times:

I only wish we’d thought to just go back to what we were doing before we wasted a half hour listening to that guy talk about the same stuff.

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