MSNBC Panel Seemingly Feels Trump Is “Exhausting” GOP Lawmakers, Forcing Them To “Kiss The Ring” During Mar-A-Lago Visits

They'll never be free of him.

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The possibility of former President Donald Trump taking another crack at the White House in 2024 has been a hot topic of discussion for both sides of the fence since before he even departed from his first disastrous term. The subject was brought up during a recent panel discussion on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, during which one Axios founder told his fellow panelist that he fully believes Trump is absolutely sincere about his plans to shoot for another term in 2024, while one Punchbowl News founder countered that lawmakers within the Republican party just really wish he would go away.

During a conversation with co-host Willie Geist, Axios founder Jim VandeHei opined that Donald Trump would take a serious crack at a second term during the 2024 presidential election, if for no other reason than the fact that he thrives on attention and wholeheartedly believes that his base is big enough to recreate 2016.

“He wants to lord over the Republican Party, but creating another party would be way too many resources and focus to pull off,” VandeHei explained on the panel segment. “He does what you see today. He will try to find platforms, whether it’s Fox News, Parler, whatever he ends up using with time to weigh in and heckle Republicans who have turned on him.”


“My guess is he will endorse candidates to be a pain to the Republicans who are against him,” he went on to add. “Make no mistake, if he sits on the sidelines, does what he is doing, he probably gets stronger, not weaker, among Republicans as you drift away from January 6th, and if he were to decide to run, which I think he may run — I know a lot of people think he won’t — but he is so addicted to the attention, being in the game, knows he has this massive base of support. I would not be surprised at all if he runs again. He knows it gives him the power of us talking about it and other people talking about it.”

Punchbowl’s Anna Palmer chimed in, saying, “Republican senators are tired, exhausted of answering for every single tweet, every single thing that Donald Trump does. They are, ‘are we talking about that again?'”

Palmer goes on to note that GOP lawmakers are suffering the same unfortunate reality as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as they’re forced to visit the former president at Mar-a-Lago and “kiss the ring” because they “need him.”

You can watch the discussion here:

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