MyPillow Guy’s Own Friends Reportedly Concerned As Lindell Allegedly Believes God Tasked Him With Overturning Trump Loss: “I Think He’s Just Being Laughed At”

He needs help.

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Some of Mike Lindell’s friends have expressed concern for the pillow salesman, and they should be worried. Months ago, the My Pillow founder was photographed entering the West Wing of the White House carrying notes advocating for martial law. And he could lose everything after Dominion Voting Systems slapped him with a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit, saying that Lindell falsely accused the company of rigging the 2020 presidential election. Lindell has also lost a lot of business after propping up Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud.

According to Politico, Lindell believes that God has given him a platform to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. Politico’s David Siders spoke with some old friends of Lindell’s.

‘In her living room overlooking the Minnesota River not far from the MyPillow offices, Jeanette Lenzen, who with her husband, Dick, once rented Lindell an old bus shed where he made some of his first pillows, said, “Mike makes me nervous because he’s so hyper. … I like what he’s trying to do, but I think he might be going too far,”‘ the outlet reports.


‘Lindell, she said, is up against “the tweeters and the Facebook people,” who she said have “so much power,”‘ the report continues.

“He’s done so well, I worry that he’ll lose everything,” Lenzen continued to say. “He just has all the faith in God that God’s going to help him get all this stuff. But sometimes, God says ‘No.’”

Former Republican governor of Minnesota Arne Carlson, who served two terms, said that Lindell is being laughed at.

“At one point maybe five or six months ago, I think people considered him a likely Republican nominee for governor,” Carlson said. “But once you get on those late-night comedies on TV, that’s a tough ordeal to survive … I think he’s just being laughed at.”

Carlson said, “He became a personality when he was advertising MyPillow, then evolved into this caricature.” Lindell, he sighed: “One of the great intellects of our time.”

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Lindell was once a crackhead, and he overcame drug addiction, then became a self-made millionaire businessman. And he’s throwing all of that away for a mentally ill girdled septugenarian.

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