Nashville Mayor Says He Still Hasn’t Personally Heard From Trump After Christmas Day Tragedy

Why am I not surprised?

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The city of Nashville found itself rocked to the core in true 2020 fashion on Christmas Day last week when a bomb inside an RV exploded downtown, leaving three people injured, upwards of 40 businesses damaged, and cell phone and internet services dysfunctional. And now, Nashville Mayor John Cooper says he still has not heard a peep from outgoing President Donald Trump regarding the tragedy.

CNN asked Mayor Cooper if he has heard from the lame-duck president since the Christmas Day bombing on 2nd Avenue, to which he responded, “No, I haven’t,” according to a local report.

Mayor Cooper went on to say that U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn has been in contact with Trump regarding the bombing.


Mayor Cooper told CNN, “Our senior senator I know talked to him [President Trump] yesterday she said and he apparently had been following the news very closely, and was committing help from the federal government aspect for which we are grateful and we’ll need that.”

Reports indicate that Senator Blackburn has sent a letter to Donald Trump to express her support for making a federal major disaster declaration in the city of Nashville.

Senator Blackburn said, “This has been a trying year for Nashville, but we are strong and we will recover. I am urging President Trump to declare a major disaster declaration to provide all necessary federal resources to help Nashville’s recovery and support the small business owners that have already been hurting from the pandemic.”

Mayor Cooper says the damage and devastation wreaked on the historic 2nd Avenue will likely take months to repair and rebuild.

“You’ve got facades that are in danger, windows shattered. People are going to have to expect it’s going to be months before it’s back to normal,” he said to CNN.

The following statement was released by White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere the morning of the blast:

President Trump has been briefed on the explosion in Nashville, Tennessee, and will continue to receive regular updates. The President is grateful for the incredible first responders and praying for those who were injured.”

It seems as though Trump has made no other efforts to publicly acknowledge the disaster or reach out to those affected. Are you surprised?

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