Never-Before-Seen Video Footage Of Trump Testimony In Assault Lawsuit Could Be Shown In Coming Months, According To New Report

Trump is going to HATE this.

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Recently, disgraced former President Donald Trump sat for what was (reportedly) a 4-hour long deposition in connection to an assault lawsuit against him — testimony that was apparently captured on video. And now, according to a new report from Business Insider, that testimony footage may very well be shown as early as May of next year.

Not long ago, we reported that former Deputy Attorney General Harry Litman expects the ex-President to settle out of court for “a pretty penny” in an effort to keep said footage from seeing the light of day. If this new report is correct, Donnie had better pony up fast if he wants to keep his deposition video under wraps.

Business Insider reports that a judge has officially set a trial date for the assault lawsuit in May of 2022, and it is more than a little likely that the video of the one-term, twice-impeached president’s deposition will be played during the trial.


The 4-hour long deposition of Donald Trump took place as part of a lawsuit lodged against him by a group of protesters who allege that they were physically assaulted by the Trump Tower security team during a 2015 demonstration outside of the hotel. The activists were allegedly protesting the then-presidential candidate’s hateful, anti-immigrant statements, in which he claimed that Mexicans were nothing more than criminals and rapists.

Donald himself got roped into the lawsuit after the activists stated in court that the bodyguards who allegedly assaulted them during the protest were acting on behalf of the now-ex-president when the assault was committed — therefore he should be included in the lawsuit and sued for damages. Ultimately, the court agreed and allowed Trump’s deposition to take place.

In addition to the ex-president himself, the protesters involved in the suit are also suing the Trump Organization, his campaign, and members of his security team.

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