New Book Claims Friendship Between Sean Hannity And Donald Trump “Began To Break Down” After Fox Host Grew “Disgusted” With Big Lie

Is the bromance over?

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Even with Donald Trump finally out of office, the tell-all books have yet to stop coming out against him. Yet another tea-spill opus is now hitting the shelves that seems to be hitting a different area of the ex-president’s life — his personal relationship with a very close friend in the wake of his endless lies regarding the 2020 presidential election.

CNN anchor and media reporter Brian Stelter’s book, Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth, hit the shelves for the first time in August of 2020. But a newly released paperback version of the book details new, never-before-seen revelations, telling of the strain Donald’s election conspiracies took on his relationship with close personal friend, Fox News host Sean Hannity.

According to the book, the friendship that both parties often bragged about took a rather sour turn when Trump clearly lost the 2020 presidential election but absolutely refused to stop peddling the lies.


Stelter claims that Hannity was still very much involved in advising Trump via numerous phone calls leading up to Election Day last year. However, it seems as though the prime-time Fox host nearly reached his breaking point in the aftermath of the election results that his friend refused to accept.

“The calls and counseling continued right up until Election Day-when the relationship between the two men began to break down. Hannity, according to one source, was ‘disgusted’ by some of Trump’s election denialism,” Stelter’s newly updated book reads.

Stelter goes on to note that he was originally “skeptical” of his source on the matter who claimed that Trump and Hannity had a falling out, because “Hannity devoted so much time to the Big Lie throughout the month of November and well into December.”

“At least [Tucker] Carlson was wise enough to focus on other Fox-friendly subjects,” he writes. “Hannity kept inviting Kayleigh McEnany to hold up packets of paper and swear that the legal path to a second term was right around the corner, even though Trump’s suits were laughed out of court left and right. McEnany and other Hannity guests filled the Fox audience with false hope night after night and never, ever delivered.”

Not a single one of the over 40 lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign in connection to the 2020 presidential election has been successful.

“Sean knows the audience better than anyone,” one Fox source explained to Stelter under the condition of anonymity.

The author explains that while Sean may have been personally fed up with Trump’s endless lies, he “was never going to risk alienating the audience.”

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You can read a full report on the subject from Business Insider here.

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