New Image Of Trump’s Hair Emerges, People Think He’s Using Toupée Tape: “A Little Duct Tape To Hold The Rat’s Nest In Place”

Oh, man. That's just gross.

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On any given day, should you put forth any effort to look for it, you could find more than one reason to be disgusted by Donald Trump. But today, the hard work has been done for you, thanks to a new photo of Donnie that’s now quickly making its way around social media like a wildfire highlighting just how cringe-worthy and gag-inducing the “leader” of this nation truly is.

Now, before we get into the good stuff, it’s no secret that Donald Trump is one vain dude. It’s never made much sense to me, considering he’s at least 50 pounds overweight, his spray tan makes him look like he just hopped out of a nuclear waste pool, his teeth have trouble staying firmly planted in that huge mouth of his, and he wears extremely noticeable shoe lifts everywhere he goes so everyone knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he ain’t that tall.

The point I’m trying to make here is this — while Trump is extremely vain in regard to his looks, he’s not actually very good at looking good. Like… At all.

On more than one occasion we’ve caught sight of the shoe lifts, we’ve seen the outline of what was almost assuredly a girdle keeping all those ketchup-soaked McDoubles in their place, we’ve borne witness to the unflattering makeup lines that could only be explained as a hilarious inside joke by his makeup person, and we’ve seen that putrid rat’s nest he tried to pass off as hair carelessly flopping off his head in a light breeze.

And now we have the unfortunate “pleasure” of seeing what could almost assuredly be described as his (unsuccessful) attempts to keep that rat’s nest firmly secured to his noggin.

Folks, I do believe we’ve found the toupée tape.

In an unconfirmed picture of Trump posted to social media recently, we can see, tucked inside his locks, plastered to his scalp, what appears to be disgustingly old toupée tape meant to keep his comb-over in its place. Either that, or he’s got some mold-age going on in there — which, honestly, wouldn’t surprise me all that much either.

Have a look-see for yourself:

Twitter users were equally appalled and disgusted:

Okay. Toupée tape is bad enough in itself. But seriously, if you’re going to tape your hair to your head, at least replace it from time to time. Because that shit is looking FUNK-EE.

Featured image via Political Tribune gallery

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