New Report Claims FBI Hid Copies Of Key Documents In Investigation For Fear That Trump Would End Probe

They knew he would shut it down.

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The FBI reportedly took extraordinary steps to prevent the president from shutting down the Russia probe and went as far as to stash away vital documents in its Trump campaign investigation. That includes former FBI Director James Comey’s memos on his conversations with Trump in fear of the president shutting down the probe, according to a report from CNN. And we’ve all witnessed Trump firing anyone that is investigating him or anyone in his immediate orbit.

Andrew McCabe thought Trump’s behavior was sufficiently problematic to be investigated for possible obstruction of justice, and he told his team to open a criminal case. We pretty much know what took place after that when Trump intervened. McCabe was reportedly unsure how long he would last in the department, so he wanted to lock down as much evidence as possible.

According to the report, McCabe had investigating agents place James Comey’s memos in SENTINEL, the FBI’s case management software, where, once inside the system, they were virtually impossible to remove. That way, even if McCabe was forced to exit the department, investigators would still have access to Comey’s memos.


FBI officials took additional steps.

Once McCabe became director, Bureau employees grew so concerned that Trump would try to shut down the investigation that they secreted at least three copies of key documents, including Comey’s memos, in remote locations around the Bureau. This was to make sure that in the event Trump directed an end to these inquiries, the documents could always be preserved, located, and shared.”

Trump has repeatedly lashed out at the FBI on Twitter and during his MAGA rallies while trying to discredit any investigation in which the president is at the center. To this day, Trump holds a grudge against those that investigated him. It’s a good time to bring up the fact that we’ve yet to see the unredacted Mueller report. Trump always acts guilty when he’s accused of something nefarious. There was a woman who was at the center of a bogus scandal, and she didn’t lash out. Instead, she testified for eleven hours before the House Select Committee on Benghazi straight without breaking a sweat. That’s what innocent people do because they want to clear their names.

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