New Report Claims Matt Gaetz’s Friends Are Scared To Text Him, Assume FBI Is Monitoring His Communications Amid “Massive Investigation”

Feeling a little lonely, Matt?

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While the news surrounding the investigation into MAGA-loving Florida Republican Matt Gaetz and his apparent affinity for underage girls certainly ebbs and flows in the media cycle, the actual investigation itself remains as steady as ever — and apparently, it’s beginning to affect his friendships some.

According to a new report from Business Insider, it seems that Gaetz’s buddies and pals are finding themselves rather wary of texting Trump-aligned southern Congressman — and when they do they’re very careful of what they say — operating under the assumption that the FBI is constantly monitoring Gaetz’s communications in connection to their investigation against him.

“Matt Gaetz’s friends think twice these days before texting the Florida Republican congressman,” Insider’s Robin Bravender reports. One Gaetz pal reportedly told the publication, “They know that there’s a massive investigation going on. That makes people hesitant to reach out.”


Another friend of the GOP House Rep. agreed, stating, “It’s a natural sort of reaction. No one wants to inject themselves into anything while there’s 16 dozen people looking into everything that comes into that phone.”

Of course, as we’re all well aware, Matt Gaetz is currently the epicenter of a rather large federal investigation into the possible sex trafficking of underage girls, with his old pal and “wingman,” former Seminole County tax official Joel Greenberg, who is currently in full cooperation with the Justice Department and their probe into the matter.

Unsurprisingly, the Trump allied Congressman has publicly, vehemently, and repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and, taking a page straight from the Trump playbook, has labeled the investigation as a witch hunt manned by the Democrats to take him down.

Thus far, prosecutors have given no indication that they’re soon to indict Congressman Gaetz but, of course, that’s done nothing to staunch the speculations.

“Gaetz’s former classmates at William & Mary Law School recently received a save the date for their 15-year reunion next April. Some joked that Gaetz might attend with federal agents. His former law school classmates are ‘anticipating his indictment,’ said one of his ex-classmates,” the Insider report reads. “For now, Florida politicos, Washington Republicans, and others who know Gaetz say they’re waiting to see what’s next in the legal drama, even though the headlines have died down. ‘Everybody’s kind of sitting back with popcorn,’ said one Republican source who worked with Gaetz in Florida.”

You can read the full report from Business Insider here.

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