New York Bar Association, Where Bill Barr Is Licensed, Appears To Be Urging Congress To Investigate Him

Just yank his license once and for all.

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Everyone knows that Donald Trump would never fire his most vocal and most powerful defender, Attorney General William Barr. The only thing Trump wishes about Barr is that he’d come along before Trump agreed to make Jeff Sessions his first AG, since he never would have recused himself from oversight of the Russian investigation.

But it could be that Trump loses his favorite member of the team via the “scenic route,” as it were: Barr could potentially lose his license to practice law.

The New York City Bar Association — the outfit that licenses lawyers to practice law once applicants have passed an exam deeming them fit to do so — sent a letter on Thursday to all four leaders, Republican and Democrat, of both chambers of Congress, urging them to initiate an investigation into Barr for partisanship, something that would disqualify him from practicing law.


Barr is registered in New York and the District of Columbia (Registration Number: 4087250), and although multiple petitions have already circulated by well-meaning citizens seeking to have the clearly biased Attorney General disbarred, this is the first actual request by the Bar Association to investigate a sitting Attorney General — and we’ve had some doozies.

The letter to Congress noted speeches given by Barr on October 11, November 15, and December 3 that demonized the political left, as well as a television interview Barr gave in which he publicly denounced the findings of the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, who found that there was no improper politically-motivated investigation by the FBI into the Trump campaign, nor surveillance of it.

From the letter:

These public statements by Mr. Barr also contravene the norms applicable to his office and warrant further investigation by Congress as part of an inquiry into Mr. Barr’s conduct as Attorney General more generally. They may even implicate ethical considerations, insofar as prosecutors must generally avoid public comments on ongoing investigations and must not manifest any bias or prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation or partisan political considerations in exercising their prosecutorial discretion.”

It’s been clear that Bill Barr has been working for Donald Trump and not the American people since he was confirmed to the office of Attorney General. But with each passing day, he becomes more and more committed to the Republican Party and not to the rule of law.

This could finally be the act that holds him accountable.

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