New Yorkers Respond To Trump Calling NYC “His Wonderful City” During The Debate And It’s So Spot On

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You may have noticed over the year, specifically the past four that he’s spent as “President” of the United States, the Donald Trump can never quite seem to decide where “home” is. The man is from New York, born and raised. However, since moving his golf clubs into the White House and effectively ruining this nation and everything good and just that it stands for, his “home” of New York hasn’t been much of a home to him anymore. Quite frankly, the majority of New Yorkers can’t stand the guy, including the governor.

A while back, as I’m sure you recall, Donald made quite the show out of changing his and his family’s place of residency to Mar-a-Lago in Florida, where it seemed he felt more beloved and respected — down there in the retirement communities where his dusty ass belongs.

Back when he first announced the “move” New Yorkers were quick to bid him good riddance. Seriously, social media was full of less-than-loving “buh-bye’s” for the dude. Once again, Mayor Andrew Cuomo included. However, Trump treated his official move much the same way he does everything else in his life — his story changes based upon what will most benefit him at the time.


Tonight, Trump is participating in the final round of debates, going up against his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, after refusing to participate in the last debate on the schedule. In the process of debating over the coronavirus pandemic, the state of New York, more specifically New York City, was brought up, in reference to their serious struggle with the virus. And, lo and behold, Donald Trump was suddenly whistling a different tune.

During his speaking time, Trump declared New York a “ghost town” before turning around, in nearly the same breath, and calling it “his wonderful city.” — The very same city he’s spent the last four years trashing and made a massive show out of officially leaving.

To say the very least, true New Yorkers weren’t having it:

I think you better just stick to Florida, Donnie boy. Trust me, they don’t want you back.

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