Newly Surfaced Details Appear To Show Who The Mom Of CO Springs Suspect Follows On Social Media And It’s Even More Damning Than You Think

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Over the weekend, 22-year-old suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich allegedly opened fire at Club Q — a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, CO — leaving at least 5 dead in his wake, and another 25 injured by the attack.

Heavy.Com reports on the heinous attack:

The shooter burst into the nightclub with a long rifle and opened fire inside just before midnight, Colorado Springs Police Lieutenant Pamela Castro said in an early morning news conference on November 20. Aldrich was subdued by heroic patrons, who were credited with saving lives, Castro said. One disarmed the suspect and beat him with his own gun, according to NPR.

No officer fired shots, Castro said, and two firearms were located at the scene.”

Details are still surfacing regarding the attack and the suspected shooter. Still, it’s not difficult to deduce the ultimate motivation for the horrifying, deadly attack, and suffice it to say, as more and more information comes to light, more and more seems to come together.

Since Saturday’s shooting, reports have confirmed that Anderson Aldrich is, in fact, the grandson of none other than Randy Voepel — an outgoing MAGA Republican California House Representative and former mayor of Santee, California. Voepel currently represents the 71st District in the San Diego area.

Investigative reporting has confirmed that Anderson’s mother, Laura Voepel, is in fact Randy Voepel’s daughter.

As such, the social media sleuthing has begun — and while what’s been discovered is certainly damning, it’s far from surprising.

A quick search on Instagram will lead you right to Laura Voepel’s account. At first glance, there’s nothing really noteworthy there. Laura has zero posts on her page and only 63 followers. However, it’s the list of people and accounts that Voepel herself is following that has piqued the public’s interest.

The popular Patriot Takes Twitter account took to social media late last night with a screenshot of Laura’s Instagram account — more specifically, the accounts and people that she actively follows on social media.

Captioning the screenshots, Patriot Takes wrote, “The mom of the Colorado Springs nightclub shooter follows several gun manufacturers and gun themed accounts on Instagram.”

It’s worth noting here that Laura’s father, Anderson’s grandfather,  is no stranger to controversy and scandal, as the Trump-devout Republican lawmaker faced heavy calls for his expulsion from the state Assembly in the direct aftermath of the violent January 6th Capitol insurrection, following threatening remarks in which Voepel openly compared the deadly attack to the Revolutionary War.

It’s safe to say that the dots are all connecting here, rather quickly. And I think it’s equally safe to say that this mass shooting is chalking up to, once again, be particularly damning for the MAGA Republican crowd.

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