Newsmax Attempts To Honor Trump’s 75th Birthday By Asking People For Messages But It Doesn’t Appear To Go According To Plan

This is hilarious.

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Today is Donald Trump’s 75th birthday, and on Twitter, the red hats were trying to make that trend while critics of the former president got #BidenDay and #Theloser to trend. Now, when it’s former President Barack Obama’s birthday, well wishes flood in on Twitter, but Trump only served one term, and he was the least popular president in this history of polling. In contrast, Obama was wildly popular.

So, it was rather weird when a Newsmax did a segment to honor Trump by asking people for their birthday messages to the twice-impeached one-term president. But, it didn’t go down exactly as they expected after the host spoke with a woman who didn’t hold back.

“I’m not going to to wish you a happy birthday,” the woman said referring to Trump. “Because I think you’re a jerk. And I think you should be in jail for all the laws that you broke.”

Watch below:

Twitter users had a little fun at Trump’s expense today.

We don’t honor Richard Nixon’s birthday each year, and Trump was an even worse president. Trump is a mentally ill man that thinks he won the election over 7 months ago, even though Biden defeated him in both the electoral and popular vote. Trump also incited an attack on our country on Jan. 6. As for that woman, I want to buy her a drink.

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