Newsmax Host Went Full-On Crazy Over A McDonald’s Fish Sandwich, Left The Restaurant After Workers Called Him A “Male Karen”

You have GOT to be kidding me.

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The people over on the right side of the fence have a whole lot to complain about these days. I mean, Trump lost, Joe Biden is their President, their own people attacked the Capitol like a bunch of WalMart brand terrorists, “Unity” didn’t actually turn out to mean “let us do whatever we want,” and evidently… Fish sandwiches.

Today Greg Kelly, who serves as a host on the right-wing network Newsmax, took to his Twitter to let everyone know that he was forced to storm out of a McDonalds in a fit of Republican rage after some workers at the fast-food change called him a “male Karen” when he pitched a hiss fit about the restaurant’s lack of a fish sandwich.

This morning, Kelly took to the social media platform to express his anger over the fact that the fast-food joint was apparently no longer selling their “McFish” sandwich. For one, I’m pretty sure those are called a Filet-O-Fish, not a “McFish.” For two, who in the hell is eating a fish sandwich in the morning? But I digress.


“I just went to a MACDONALD’S (sic) and there was no MCFISH on the menu,” the Newsmax host fumed on Twitter. “When the hell did that happen? Is it permanently banned? Or is just my ‘local’ MACDONALD’S (sic).”

After his initial typo-filled tweet, Kelly followed his rant up with details about what he did to address such a dire, disastrous lack of competency.

“I demanded to see the ‘manager’ but they accused me of being a ‘MALE KAREN’ so i walked out,” he explained.

As you can imagine, his replies were immediately filled with true, blue Americans who were filled with equal outrage at such indignity and error.

Nah, I’m just kidding. They roasted his ass:

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Go home, Kelly. You’re drunk.

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