Notoriously Anti-LGBT+ Ex-VP Mike Pence Revealed What He Would Say To His Own Kid If They Came Out As Gay, And Our Eyes Can’t Roll Any Harder

Once a bigot, always a bigot.

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Former Vice President Mike Pence — who has made a notorious political career out of being staunchly anti-LABTQA+ — recently made an appearance at the University of Virginia, where he spoke to students and revealed what he would allegedly say to one of his own children, should they come out as gay.

“I’d look him in the eye and say I love you,” Pence said in response to a question from one of the university’s students as to how he would react and what he would say if his hypothetical child were to tell him that they were gay.

But wouldn’t you know, the “love and acceptance” quickly ended right there, as the flagrant homophobe and bigot immediately launched into a passive-aggressive rant against the LGBTQA+ community and marriage equality as a whole:

But let me say on this issue, if we got to know each other, you’d know the Pences love everybody. We treat everybody the way we want to be treated. But on this issue, and it’s frankly something that when the Obergefell decision was made which legalized same-sex marriage in America, the Supreme Court, Justice Kennedy wrote at the end, that this decision will likely create an intersection and tension between people in same-sex relationships and people in the exercise of their religious liberty.”

The former Trump-era vice president went on to add that he felt it was of the utmost importance to go back to this country’s “first principles” of religious freedom, before noting the limitations of the federal government to create laws that impede on a person’s rights to practice the religion of their choice.

“Look, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, I believe in traditional marriage, and I believe marriage was ordained by God and instituted in the law, but we live in a pluralistic society, and the way we go forward, and the way we come together as a country united, I believe, is when we respect: Your right to believe and my right to believe what we believe,” Pence told the group of students.

Pence’s appearance at the university was organized by the school’s Conservative group, Young America’s Foundation, but his event was ultimately met with a lot of backlash from the school’s students, who weren’t fond of a bigoted homophobe who as a congressman ‘supported the use of federal funding to treat people “seeking to change their sexual behavior.'”

Tess Saadvandi, a student at the University of Virginia, told local NBC affiliate WVIR, “We say that we foster an environment where everybody is welcome, all students here belong, and then we bring somebody here so vocally against LGBTQ rights.”

To make an already sickening, dumpster fire of a “speech” that much worse, Pence certainly made no moves to mince his words or mask his transphobia when the topic of trans woman swimmer Lia Thomas and her recent NCAA Division I championship victory over University of Virginia swimmer Emma Weyant, who came in second to Thomas.

One student complained that Weyant “was robbed” of her victory by Thomas before going on to ask the former VP’s opinion on the matter.

“Thank you so much for that thoughtful question. Emma Weyant won that race,” Pence stated.

Don’t let Pence’s little public beef with Donald Trump fool you — the man is walking, talking, human garbage. Always has been. Always will be.

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