NYT Claims Trump Is Reluctant To Give In-Person Briefing After Twitter Ban Because He Rarely Knows The Answers To Any Questions

The briefing room has been there all along.

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With the Capitol riots on his hands, Trump finally put the final nail in his coffin with Twitter, earning himself a permanent ban from the social media platform in an effort by the company to staunch some of the violence hailing from Trump’s statements and behavior. Virtually every other social media platform, short of Parler (which is now offline due to Amazon pulling the site from their hosting services), has followed suit in banning the outgoing President. Immediately following his Twitter ban, Trump seemingly attempted to use a few other accounts but was ultimately unsuccessful as the social media giant quickly caught on and banned them as well.

Since then, Donald and his people have been crying about free speech and the 1st Amendment and censorship because evidently no one’s ever actually read the Constitution. The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump, nor anyone else who’s been banned from a social media platform, has been censored in any way. Social media platforms are privately-owned companies that reserve the right to kick anyone off that they want. It doesn’t mean you can’t still say whatever you want, it just means you can’t use their platform to do it.

In fact, Donald Trump actually has a whole entire briefing room at his disposal where he can pretty much say anything. However, according to a report from the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, Trump has been reluctant to actually use that option, and it could be due in large part to the fact that he often doesn’t know the answers to the questions posed by reporters.


The Times report notes the emotional turmoil that Trump has allegedly been through since the ban on his Twitter account, but points out that he has yet to turn to the obvious alternative.

One source told the Times that Trump “did not like most aspects of his job, and that included being asked questions for which he did not know the answers.”

The fact of the matter is, the man is not being censored and his rights have not been violated. He’s just a chicken.

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