NYT Reporter Claims Trump Aides Are Concerned Former President Will Incriminate Himself During CPAC Speech

I mean... They have a point.

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Ever since being booted from every social media platform from Twitter to YouTube and subsequently being kicked out of the White House, former President Donald Trump has been laying pretty low. Aside from some nonsense coming out of his super PAC and a few manic rants scribbled on a header from his “official” new office Donald hasn’t spent much time in the public eye. In fact, he even went so far as to reportedly cancel the first and only public appearance he had on his schedule at the very last minute, with no explanation given to the press that had gathered to cover his remarks.

But, with the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) just around the corner, and Trump on the docket as one of the main speakers at the event, that’s all about to change — and evidently, it’s making his people pretty nervous.

Speaking with CNN, New York Times Washington correspondent Maggie Haberman said that advisors to the former president are feeling pretty concerned about Donald’s upcoming CPAC speech and are reportedly afraid that Trump will say something that’s self-incriminating.


“I’ve been told it’s going to be a very policy-focused speech. Whether that is true, as you know and whether he actually delivers what is on the page remains to be seen,” Haberman stated on CNN. “He’s going to speak about immigration policy, because that’s one of the things Biden has had to focus on, trying to undo some of Trump’s immigration policies. So Trump knows that appeals to his base of supporters. You’ll see him talk about that. I think he’ll talk about President Biden rejoining the Iran nuclear deal.”

You would think that “policy choices” would be a pretty easy topic to run with. If he sticks to the script and only offers up a few angry antics about immigration, he’s scot-free. A monkey could do it. But… This is Donald Trump we’re talking about here, and when has he ever just shut up and stuck to a script?

“There’s been concern among some of his advisers that he’ll say something damaging as he’s facing this threat of prosecution from various prosecutors around the country, but so I think you may see him stick to a script more than he normally would. As you say, this is very unusual. And an unusual venue,” Haberman explained.

Frankly, I don’t blame the few people Trump has left for freaking out. The guy’s definitely not known for being quiet and agreeable. However, from our side of things, I hope he spills the beans like a singing parrot.

You can watch the CNN clip here:

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