NYT Reports Jared Kushner Wants “A Simpler Relationship” With Trump That Doesn’t Include Advising His Father-In Law Daily

Sounds like Jared is done.

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Back in March of this year, just shortly after his father-in-law and family departed the White House and Washington in a cloud of shame and disgrace, the New York Times released a report claiming that one of Donald’s closest advisors/family members, son-in-law Jared Kushner, had “tapped out” of Donald’s political world of nonsense and was looking for “a fresh start, one that doesn’t include advising his father-in-law on a daily basis.”

At the time of the report earlier in the year, the Times noted that some political analysts did expect Ivanka’s husband to step back into the ring should Trump decide to run for president for the third time in 2024.

However, the Times has now released a new report on the dynamic between the father-in-law/son-in-law duo, and it appears that after having a while to think on it all, Jared’s not looking to get back in at all.


According to the new report from the New York Times, Jared Kushner is itching to move on with his life in a way that doesn’t include serving as an advisor to his wife’s father. Apparently, Kushner would far prefer that his relationship with Donald return to the traditional in-law type.

Kushner found himself responsible for a whole heap while Trump was in office, running as head of several major policy initiatives and even crediting himself for peace in the Middle East. However, Jared is now allegedly telling his close advisors that he’s looking for “a simpler relationship” with his father-in-law. The report goes on to note that Kushner evidently “wants to focus on writing his book.”

The Times report also claims that Ivanka seems to be moving on as well, with a preference for working on her own projects. With Jared and his wife taking this alleged step back from the political limelight, that leaves Donald Trump Jr. and Lara Trump in the spotlight with the responsibility of shouldering the weight of peddling Trump’s political “values.”

“Donald Trump Jr. has stepped in as the most politically involved family member in his father’s life,” the report said.

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