Of All The Possible Lies Kaleigh McEnany Has Told On Behalf Of Trump, The Latest Might Be The Most Unbelievable

Good God. That's a humdinger.

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Over the course of the past four years or so, we’ve seen a few official press secretaries cycle through the Trump administration — Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who had the longest reign of terror of them all), Stephenie Grisham, and now the current press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

With that cycle of secretaries, we’ve also borne witness to a slew of various lies, mistruths, and overall trademarked Trump administration ridiculousness — each with thier own, individual style.

Spicer was a nutjob, through and through, Sanders just kept herself limited to the safety of Fox News, avoiding the tradition of a press briefing altogether to avoid being questioned about anything, Grisham liked to yell a lot during her short-lived time in the position, and then we have Kayleigh. And frankly, in my humble opinion, no one lies quite like Kayleigh.


Kayleigh has a demeanor about her that we simply haven’t seen among her predecessors. She’s educated, she carries herself well, and she’s well spoken. Unfortunately, she uses all those qualities to spew as much Trumpian bullshit as she can every chance she gets.

It’s certainly no secret that, while Kayleigh has adopted the daily press briefings that Sarah Sanders had abandoned, she fills them with lie after lie. We’ve come to expect nothing more than complete and utter bullshit from each and every one of these pressers.

However, during today’s briefing, she may have hit the biggest humdinger yet.

As we’re all painfully aware, this country is still suffering through the tight grip of the coronavirus pandemic, with nearly 200,000 American lives lost to the deadly virus — all while Trump continues to play golf, hold Biden-bashing rallies, and pretend like it’s just not a thing anymore.

But according to McEnany, Trump is just downright sick over those deaths he could have easily prevented with even a modicum of legitimate leadership.

“He [Trump] has said before that it keeps him up at night, thinking of even one life lost,” Kayleigh declared from the podium this afternoon. “This president has taken this incredibly seriously… He’s worked harder. Each and every day. He works hard, puts his head down, and I think that’s very evident in the administration’s historic response…”

I can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever choke on those lies, or does she truly have no conscience at all?

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore 

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