One Of The Country’s Highest-Ranking Generals Called Trump An “Idiot,” Said Melania Is “Smarter Than The President”

I bet Trump is having a COW over this!

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In the latest bombshell to drop in the American public’s lap, a new report from the Washington Post, revealed that one of the nation’s highest-ranking generals, Gen. John E. Hyten, referred to Donald J. Trump, the man that has tortured and destroying this country for four years and is vying for four more, as an “idiot” businessman with no “basic understanding of national security” during a dinner back in 2017.

The Post’s report is based on notes that Retired Col. Kathy Spletstoser took during the October 2017 dinner that she ultimately shared with the publication.

The note’s submitted by Spletstoser clearly detail not only Hyten’s thoughts and feelings about Donald Trump but about First Lady Melania Trump, as well.


In speaking with Spletstoser as well as other attendees of the dinner, Hyten allegedly stated, “The president is an idiot. He is just a businessman without the basic understanding of national security. Everything is a business transaction for him and making money is winning to him and the only thing that matters.”

In the dinner conversation, Hyten apparently went on to add his thoughts on Melania Trump, telling the group that he felt the First Lady has a better understanding of military operations than her husband, the president.

“The president wanted to sell nuclear-powered submarines to the South Koreans, and I had to talk him out of it, explaining why this was a bad idea. Everything is about a business deal — that is how the president views things, through that lens,” the notes allege Hyten saying before he added, “I also spent a lot of time talking to Melania Trump about the locations of all our intercontinental ballistic missile fields. She was more inquisitive and smarter than the president.”

Couple of things to unpack here, folks.

For one, it’s pretty damn sad when one of the nation’s topmost ranking generals knows the president is a blithering idiot. Number two, bit concerning that Melania’s being given sensitive military intel. But then again, this entire administration is concerning.

You can read the full report here.

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