Over 70 Former Republican National Security Officials To Endorse Biden For President

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According to a new report from Reuters, more than 70 Republican former officials from the national security spectrum — from FBI to CIA, Counterterrorism to the military — are expected to endorse Joe Biden on Friday, in what is sure to be a stunning blow to Donald Trump’s self-perception as a wartime president.

If it seems a little strange to know in advance of such a large group of like-minded, but seemingly politically opposed, people planning to buck their party and endorse the opposition, it gets even more serious: They not only came together as a group to announce this endorsement, but they also put out a statement that in no uncertain terms trashes President Trump by name and lays out the reasoning behind their actions.

Trump has demonstrated that he lacks the character and competence to lead this nation and has engaged in corrupt behavior that renders him unfit to serve as president. We have concluded that Donald Trump has failed our country and that Vice President Joe Biden should be elected the next President of the United States.”

That’s possibly the most concise of the messages we’ve seen this election cycle from what turned out to be a number of groups of Republicans or ex-Republicans that have come out in opposition to Donald Trump’s hope for a second term in the White House.


But this crowd is nothing to sneeze at: General Michael Hayden, the first Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, and even Mike Donley, the former Secretary of the Air Force. These aren’t pundits and former campaign staffers — they’re formerly powerful players in an arena that prizes authoritative intelligence.

Other insiders from the group offered Reuters some choice descriptions and quotes behind their decisions to join this crew:

  • “Malignant narcissist,” “liar,” and “despicable human being”
  • Created “global chaos”
  • Lack of leadership had “led to the deaths of 170,000 Americans”

It’s a damning summary of a lot of very good reasons not to vote for Donald Trump in November. But by the time he sees the ad in Friday’s Wall Street Journal for this endorsement of Biden, Trump will have verbally reduced each of these towering former officials to mere coffee-getters.

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