Pastor Encourages Trump To “Kick Governor Kemp’s Door In, Slap Him Around A Little Bit” During Visit To Georgia

I have no words.

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Things are getting awfully tense in the state of Georgia, folks. And naturally, right? I mean, Joe Biden managed to flip a traditionally blood-red state in his favor last month contributing to his ultimate victory, leaving the Trump team pulling their hair out, demanding fruitless recounts, and just overall at their wit’s end. And to makes matters all the worse for the Republican party, two state senators are now headed to a runoff election that will quite literally make or break the GOP’s control of the Senate.

So, yea, things are tense down there.

And now it seems that one Georgia pastor is itching to make matters even worse when he took to Twitter, calling for lame-duck President Donald Trump to resort to violence against the state’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp, who has actually been a huge supporter of Trump’s over the years.


You read the right, this proponent of the gospel is building off Trump’s verbal spat with the governor and ultimately encouraging him to actually get physical with Kemp.

Today, Trump is set to hold a rally in the state of Georgia, supposedly to help wrangle in votes for the GOP senators who are facing a runoff election in the coming weeks. And according to Rev. Darrell Scott, Donald should just rough up the governor until he gets what he wants.

The Potus needs to go down to GA today, kick Governor Kemps door in, slap him around a little bit, and make him do a recount of LEGAL votes.  @realkareemdream and I will accompany him to help get the message across to Kemp,” Scott wrote on his Twitter account today, ahead of Trump’s visit down south. 

POLITICO reports that Rev. Scott faces accusations of funneling cash to voters, saying the pastor runs a “nonprofit organization called the Urban Revitalization Coalition [that] has been holding events in black communities in which voters hear effusive praise about the president and then are given the opportunity to win cash prizes.”

What do you say we never breathe another word about ANTIFA’s “violence,” k? K.

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