Paul Krugman Says We Should “Expect Violence From Trump Supporters, Maybe Lots Of It” If Trump Loses Election

It's a terrifying reality, but one we have to reckon with.

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Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist and bestselling author who now works as an op-ed columnist for the New York Times, weighed in Wednesday morning on something that’s been bothering many of us, worrying many more, and terrifying even more than that: What happens if all of the lies and shady constructs that Trump has assembled for this election — to try and fool people into thinking either that everything’s great and it’s because of him or that everything’s awful and he’s the only one who can fix it — all falls apart and he loses?

What do his true believers do?

Unfortunately, Krugman doesn’t believe the answer to that is a good one. Firing up his Twitter account, Krugman laid out his own predictions, and they’re more than a little bit dire.


The hardest part about reading Krugman’s tweets is that so much of what he’s saying is backed up by contemporary evidence: Trump is telling those exact lies — his DOJ just declared three major American cities “anarchist jurisdictions” despite protests in those cities being confined to a few square blocks of ongoing conflict between protesters and police. He repeatedly conflates the stock market, which is faring decently, with the larger economy, which is still facing millions of people out of work and facing eviction. He has promised a COVID vaccine before the election, despite every expert saying it’s not possible.

But for the Trump voter, facts are irrelevant. When you “attack” their president, you are attacking them. They have centered our democracy on a single man.

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Part of the solution, of course, is to ensure high enough voter turnout and a landslide so large that Trump’s margin of loss is unquestionably clear. But another part, after the election, is going to have to be a campaign of anti-propaganda, an education campaign for people who have surrendered themselves to a fantasy world where they hold all the power that Donald Trump has promised them they held.

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