Pence Just Pissed In Trump’s Cheerios, Officially Announced That He Has No “Unilateral Authority To Decide Presidential Contests”

Trump is going to LOSE IT.

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Donald Trump’s desperation in regard to the 2020 presidential election that he clearly and fairly lost has been nothing short of blatantly apparent since the very first vote against him was counted. In the weeks and months since the November election, Trump has done quite literally everything he could cook up in an effort to somehow overturn the results and secure himself another four years in the White House that he did not earn, nor does he rightfully deserve. Since Election Day, we have seen countless lawsuits, all of which blew up spectacularly in his face, recounts that only served to find a few more votes for his opponent, and an influx of tweets that, if put all together, could serve as a psychologist’s worst nightmare. Nothing has worked.

Here we are now, just days away from Biden’s official inauguration, Congress is counting and certifying the Electoral College vote as we speak, and Trump is nowhere closer to a “win” than he was 2 months ago.

So, in the last several days Trump has turned to the only thing he thought he had left — his Vice President, who is in charge of announcing the official certification of the Electoral College votes.


During an event in Georgia earlier this week, Donald called on his right-hand man to “do the right thing” and refuse the results of the vote, saying that he “won’t like him as much” if he doesn’t. But today, as Congress chips away at the certification process, Mike Pence put the final nail in the coffin of that idea when he officially announced that it wasn’t going to happen.

According to a breaking report from CNN, Pence penned a letter to lawmakers, in which he declared that he has no “unilateral authority to decide presidential contests” and could not alter the results of the election.

“It is my considered judgement that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not,” Pence wrote in his final words before heading in to preside over a joint session of Congress as they count the electoral votes.

It’s clear as crystal at this point that Donald Trump has truly exhausted all his options. It’s time to give it up, dude.

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