People Are Furious At “Coward” Trump For Refusing To Face The Nation After WH Said He Will Not Be Seen Today: “The Absolute Vacuum In Leadership In This Country Right Now Is Terrifying”


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Americans are reeling as cities across the United States are burning, and the COVID-19 pandemic’s death toll is staggering, but Donald Trump is nowhere to be seen except on his Twitter account where he lashes out at the world. More than forty million Americans are out of work as the coronavirus grips the country, and we do not have a president to lead us through this apocalyptic nightmare as the White House announced that Trump will not be seen today — despite five days and nights of protests across the country.

Trump bungled the handling of the protests against the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, and his appallingly slow response to the pandemic brought this country to a standstill.

So, Trump is hiding.


What an utter failure this president is. Everything was gifted to Trump his entire life, even the keys to the White House. Donald J. Trump has destroyed every single thing he’s touched. And who could have guessed this would have played out as it has — aside from the majority of voters in 2016. No one is surprised that a corrupt man such as Donald Trump would fuck up a healthy economy, stoke division and hatred, then hide in his safe place.

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