People Burst Into Laughter After Sen. McConnell Seemingly Forgot He Is Not The Majority Leader Anymore, Got Cut Off To The Podium By His Democratic Replacement

This. Is. AWESOME.

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Look, folks, with the disastrous four years that Donald Trump and the GOP put us through, there’s no denying that we look for a comedic break wherever we can find it these days. Whether it’s Ivanka and Jared’s nasty “swamp” pool or Marjorie Taylor Greene’s alien feet, we take what we can get when it comes to getting a laugh around here.

So, when we saw this clip of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell making its way around social media, well, we weren’t about to pass up a chance to cover this comedy gold.

Recently, Democratic and Republican Senators alike came out of the Senate floor where their fellow congressional members and reporters had gathered for a small briefing, as per the usual. Now, it seems that Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell — who is just that these days, nothing more than a senator — forgot for a moment that he was demoted in the last election and lost his position as the Senate’s Majority Leader.


It appears in the clip as though McConnell was acting upon habit as he came out of the Senate chamber and power-walked towards the podium with his chest swelled out and his head held high — only to be cut off just a foot or two away from the lectern by the actual Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer.

Not only did this elicit a look of surprise from McConnell, who didn’t seem to really realize what happened for a moment or two, it also ignited a rambunctious round of hearty laughter from just about everyone who witnessed it.

Even Schumer gave a little chuckle and a smile over his slick move.

It appeared as though once Mitch realized he’d made an oopsie and was very publicly humiliated over it, he slinked over to the side, out of sight, as Schumer delivered his remarks to the press as the rightful Senate Majority Leader.

I suppose Mitch’s new job title is going to take some getting used to.

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