People Reportedly Booed Trump At Yankee Stadium, Even Though He Wasn’t There


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Former President Donald Trump’s supporters aren’t coping with his defeat to Joe Biden very well, and it’s over six months since the election. Trump lied to his supporters after he sustained a narcissistic injury over his election loss, and he wrote on his blog without presenting evidence, “Massive numbers of dead people “voted” in the 2020 Presidential Election, far greater than anyone has known or seen before.” The twice impeached one-term president didn’t provide a link to back up his wild-eyed claim in his blog post. For some reason, Trump’s dedicated base eats that bullshit up.

During the New York Yankees-Toronto Blue Jays game, some Trump supporters somehow decided to hang a giant “Trump Won, Save America” flag from the second deck. It’s stunning, really, since Trump is loathed in New York, but the former president’s supporters thought this was a good idea.

The individuals responsible for the banner were booed by those attending the game, had their banner confiscated by Yankee Stadium security, and escorted out of the venue. Lindsey Adler, who covers the Yankees for The Athletic, tweeted about the incident.



And again:

One guy tried to take the banner down.

Cheers rang out as the Trump supporters were escorted out of the venue by security.

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The Yankees won the game, Donald Trump did not win the election seven months ago, and Joe Biden is our country’s 46th President. Biden won the presidency over Donald Trump with 306 electoral college votes and secured over seven million more popular votes. Those are the facts if you don’t live in a narcissist’s fantasy world. It’s embarrassing that his supporters are so detached from reality. They are going to have a hard time for the next eight years. Bless their hearts.

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