People Respond To Ivanka’s Announcement That She’s Joining Social Media Platform Parler: “Is That The PRISON Version Of Twitter?”

Don't let the door hit ya'.

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As Twitter began labeling tweets from Donald Trump recently over his fake news messages about the election, calls rang out from conservatives to join the so-called “free speech” platform, Parler. It’s so free speech-y that I was banned within an hour of joining not too long ago, by the way. Parler is rife with disinformation, and antisemitism, so it’s a safe place for Trump supporters. Fox News host Sean Hannity, radio personality Mark Levin, far-right activist Laura Loomer, Senator Ted Cruz, and Congressman Devin Nunes have joined the site. Eric Trump also has an account verified by Parler, and so does Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. And now, Ivanka Trump announced that she joined Parler, too, via a tweet.

Bye, girl:


Twitter users weighed in:

Enjoy the QAnon nutjobs at Parler, you vacuous, self-absorbed grifter. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before her father joins her on the far right-wing social site. Sometimes the trash just takes itself out.

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621 points