People Slam Trump For Bragging About “Only” 65,000 COVID Deaths: “This Is The Behavior Of A Sociopathic Monster”

Trump put the d*ck in dictator as people are dying during his press briefing.

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President Donald Trump took a victory lap while talking about the coronavirus death toll in insensitive remarks yesterday that drew wide condemnation.

As you may recall, Trump initially bragged about there only being 15 cases of the virus and insisting that it would be down to “zero” soon. That was nearly two months ago.

Now nearly 400,000 Americans are infected by the virus and more than 36,000 have died, a number that continues to rise exponentially because of Trump’s reckless response. And he’s obsessed with reopening the country, a move that would likely bring about a second wave that would be just as deadly since people can get the virus a second time and there is no vaccine.


During his press conference/campaign rally, Trump spiked the football on the death toll.

“When you look at the possible deaths at 2.2 million people – and it could have very well been that, it could have been more,” Trump said. “Frankly I’ve been looking at numbers where it could have been higher than that. 2.2 million people dying. If you figure we lost 500,000, maybe 600,000 in the Civil War, 2.2 million people, a minimum if we did nothing would have been 1.6, if you cut that in half, you’re talking about 800,000 [to] 900,000 – a million people dying.”

“But we did a lot of work, and the people of this country were incredible, I have to say, I think we’re heading to the other category, that would be if we did work, and if it was successful they had between 100,000 and 220,000 to 240,000 on the upside, and I think we’ll be substantially, hopefully below the ‘100’ number, and I think right now we’re headed probably around 60, maybe 65,000,” he continued.

Seriously, he literally thinks a good job has been done if 65,000 Americans die.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Americans, of course, were horrified, especially since Trump has previously declared Obama’s handling on the H1N1 pandemic a disaster because 17,000 died.

This pandemic has killed more than twice as many Americans as H1N1. Had Trump acted sooner instead of pretending that the whole thing was a “hoax,” many lives could have been saved. And as Republicans continue to push to re-open their states, the death toll is only going to get higher, and you can bet that Trump will move the goalposts every time to make it look like he scored a touchdown even though all he’s been doing is fumbling.

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