People Thought They Caught Melania On Video Looking Grossed Out, Wiping Her Palms After Holding Her Husband’s Hand: “Sweaty Palms. Stressful Times.”

Well, that was... Awkward.

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I don’t think it’s any sort of big, well-kept secret these days that Melania Trump doesn’t seem overly fond of her husband.

To be completely frank, in my humble but somewhat professional opinion, I really don’t think she likes the man at all. Honestly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a political guru to determine as much. Really, all you have to do is look at her pretty much any time she’s in the same room as her “beloved” husband.

Anyone who has paid any amount of attention over the years has personally witnessed the countless times that the now-former First Lady of the United States pretty blatantly and embarrassingly snubbed her now ex-presidential husband. From swatting away his hands when he tries to hold hers, to snubbing his gross and awkward kisses, to rolling her eyes and making sour faces at him whenever he’s not looking, to fawning so hard over Canada’s Justin Trudeau that it literally became an infamous meme forever enshrined on the internet — Melania Trump has displayed a whole lot less than devout and unconditional love for her scandal-ridden husband.

But nevertheless, she seems to at least try to play the part of the loving and supportive wife and partner to her dump of a husband — at least whenever she’s in highly public situations where she really has no choice. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean she’s not caught seemingly slipping, relatively often.

Over the New Year holiday, Trump held quite the bash at his Mar-a-Lago resort turned post-White House personal residence — the only place he has left these days where he can assure that everyone around him actually likes him.

Multiple clips of the holiday party surfaced and spread all over social media, showing the various tomfoolery and overall ridiculousness we’ve come to expect from these crusty things.

But, there was one particular video that caught our eye this week that seemed to (possibly) show that Melania Trump still isn’t her husband’s biggest fan.

The clip was posted to Twitter by popular user and former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski, and it’s one of those things you really just have to see for yourself:

While we can’t say with any level of certainty here, it does definitely appear as though Melania Trump attempted to discreetly wipe her palms after holding Donald’s hand — possibly because the former guy’s tiny, grubby paws reeked of Big Mac and ketchup sweat. But who’s to say, really?

Nevertheless, Twitter went wild with their own thoughts and theories on the whole… Ordeal:

Frankly, if she was wiping off her hands, I can’t even say that I blame her. Can you even imagine what that tub of lard in a suit smells like???

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