Photo Of Donald Trump Leaving Air Force One Has Americans Spitting Mad: “He’s Robbing Us Blind!”

The only thing he wants is to spend your money.

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If there’s one thing that literally everyone other than the ultra-rich and maybe celebrities have in common during the pandemic, it’s that we’ve all been learning to go without things. We’ve gone without our favorite people, our favorite foods, trips to our favorite stores — or in some cases, ANY stores — and it’s all been because we normal people don’t have the money and we don’t have special privileges.

Sure, we’ve lived vicariously through actors doing interviews and videos via Zoom, pretended we were our Food Network celebrity heroes by making up bizarre and inedible recipes that belong among the posts of Facebook’s favorite “Flavortown”-themed group, and downloaded computer wallpapers with pictures of the tropical resorts we wished we were vacationing at instead of our apartments.

But really, what we’ve wished is that Home Goods was open or that we could go to Target and not run back to our cars when we hear someone cough.


Living in constant fear of catching the first pandemic virus that mainstream America was actually in danger of catching has been a frustration utterly compounded by the fact that Trump has gotten literally every aspect of the response to this crisis disastrously, hideously wrong.

But even worse than that has been watching him act as though nothing is wrong. I mean, we know he knows there’s a problem, or he wouldn’t have everyone around him tested for COVID twice a day. But in order to project a commanding sense of domination over Mother Nature, Trump simply pretends the virus doesn’t exist for him and goes about his business — doing all the relaxing things we wish we were doing, instead of trying to remember not to stand up and show the Skype meeting that we still have pajamas on the bottom with our shirts and ties.

That’s why a picture that surfaced recently of Donald Trump stepping off the $200,000-an-hour Air Force One in order to get onto the $25,000-an-hour Marine One to fly 22 miles — a distance you or I drive in under half an hour — to go to his goddamn golf course at Bedminster again made a lot of people fly off the handle.

Join us in our cathartic anger:

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that like me, the rest of these commenters can’t wait to see him deplane in front of the prison he’ll be spending his life in.

Featured image via Flickr/The White House, public domain

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