Photo Of Trump Together With His Republican Goons Appears To Show Dr. Fauci As The Only One Who Practiced Social Distancing

Thank God the smart one is keeping himself safe.

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Since the coronavirus outbreak made its way into the United States and quickly began to sweep through all four corners of the nation, it’s become increasingly clear that the president has not and does not have any intention of taking this massive pandemic seriously.

Numerous expert entities, included the Centers for Disease Control as well as the World Health Organization, have repeatedly issued dire warnings and strict guidelines to the American public regarding the coronavirus and the extreme measures individuals must go to to help slow and/or prevent the further spread of the deadly illness. Yet Donald Trump doesn’t seem too fond of adhering to any of them, and neither do his goons.

While it’s true that Donald recently, and very begrudgingly, implemented the social distancing guidelines set out by the CDC for the entire nation, he still doesn’t appear to follow them himself, nor encourage his team of GOP sycophants to adhere to them — despite what are now multiple instances of exposure, and some confirmed infections, for the lot of them.


That much was made clear yesterday during Trump’s signing ceremony of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package that not a single Democrat was invited to attend.

Naturally, photographs of the GOP-filled event circulated around social media pretty quickly, and it was easy to instantly see that only one individual present at the ceremony had enough sense to keep their distance.

Unsurprisingly, in the picture making the rounds on Twitter, Dr. Anthony Fauci is the only individual attending the event that can be seen practicing safe social distancing. All the rest of the Republican idiots are clearly crowded around the president, no doubt in hopes of being picked as his next favorite in this ridiculous game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” they call the federal government.

There’s the good doctor, over in his safe corner, far away from a group of Republican dimwits who have no doubt not only passed corona-cooties amongst themselves over the course of the past few weeks but almost assuredly more than a few STDs over the course of their lives.

Social media users were unsurprisingly liberal with their comments:

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I move to implement a “Protect Dr. Fauci At All Costs” team, effective immediately. Frankly, he’s all we’ve got left at this point.

Featured image via screen capture 

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