Photo On Social Media Appears To Show Pile of House-Passed Bills That Are Dead On Mitch McConnell’s Desk In The Senate

Do your job, Mitch.

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There’s a good reason House Speaker Nancy Pelosi laughed at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s threat to pass a bill if the articles of impeachment aren’t sent over to him. Well, there are a lot of reasons, really. Literally hundreds of bills are sitting in Mitch McConnell’s ‘legislative graveyard’ that were passed by House Democrats. Still, Donald Trump refers to them as “Do nothing Democrats” even though McConnell has deemed himself to be the “grim reaper” of progressive policies.

Here’s a jaw-dropping image of the stack of bills McConnell is ignoring that is circulating on Twitter.


Pelosi listed some of the bills in early November:

• H.R. 1 – For The People Act – Sent to the Senate 239 days ago.
• H.R. 8 – Bipartisan Background Checks Act – Sent to the Senate 248 days ago.
• H.R. 7 – Paycheck Fairness Act – Sent to the Senate 220 days ago.
• H.R. 1585 – VAWA Reauthorization Act – Sent to the Senate 212 days ago.
• H.R. 9 – Climate Action Now Act – Sent to the Senate 184 days ago.
• H.R. 5 – Equality Act – Sent to the Senate 169 days ago.
• H.R. 6 – Dream and Promise Act – Sent to the Senate 151 days ago.
• H.R. 582 – Raise the Wage Act – Sent to the Senate 107 days ago.

There are nearly 400 bills in McConnell’s paralytic grip even though a lot of the bills are bipartisan. Early last year, after the Blue Wave hit, Trump claimed that “Democrats are getting nothing done in Congress.” McConnell is doing something, though. The Senate majority leader has set aside hundreds of bipartisan bills from Democrats on issues including the climate crisis, gun safety, raising the minimum wage, net neutrality, and election security, to stack the courts with judges that are sometimes merely unqualified and other times straight-up wingnuts.

Meanwhile, McConnell has been having a slap-fight with Pelosi to assure that his “president” gets a rigged trial in the Senate after Trump’s impeachment. In a power play, Pelosi held on to the articles in an attempt to get Republicans to accept new witnesses and evidence to ensure a fair trial, but McConnell wasn’t having it. McConnell has already said that he will not be a fair juror.

McConnell isn’t doing his job. Senators are supposed to represent the interests of their states’ citizens, write and support legislation and vote on bills. But, he sure did get those tax cuts for the wealthy passed, didn’t he?

Featured image via Political Tribune gallery

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