Photos Circulate Of Mike Pence Being The Only Maskless Person In The Room During Vaccine Hearing

They're STILL not taking this seriously.

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In case you somehow hadn’t noticed, the United States is now worse off regarding our infection and death rates from COVID-19 than we were at the very beginning of this pandemic crisis. To say the very least, the Trump administration’s tactics didn’t work then and they certainly don’t work now.

Trump and his people have spent the entirety of this global health crisis essentially downplaying the severity of this potentially deadly virus — seemingly discouraging Americans from strictly adhering to guidelines laid out by health professionals and entities such as the CDC, like social distancing, wearing a mask, and limiting large gatherings, and constantly peddling the rhetoric that the “solution can’t be worse than the problem.” Because I guess, in their minds, social distancing from your elderly grandparents is somehow worse than your elderly grandparents needlessly dying from a fatal virus.

And now here we are, nearly a year into this catastrophe, and pretty much nothing has changed. People are still dying at an alarming rate and infection rates are skyrocketing all across the nation. Yet, members of the Trump administration still don’t appear to be taking this thing seriously.


None other than the head of the Coronavirus Task Force himself, Mike Pence, made a perfect example out of this when he posted images of himself participating in a Task Force meeting where they called and spoke with various governors in the country regarding the distribution plans for the COVID-19 vaccinations from Pfizer and Moderna. Funnily enough, in the images posted by the outgoing vice president himself, Mike Pence appeared to be the only individual in the room who was not wearing a mask.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, Pence is potentially exposed to the virus on quite literally a daily basis. I mean, just working inside the White House is enough to ensure as much. Yet, here he is, appearing to proudly put every member of his task force in direct risk because he still won’t put on a damn mask.

To say the very least, social media was not impressed:

Look, vaccine or not, we’ve been told time and time again that regardless of the impending inoculation, guidelines must continue to be strictly adhered to. And yet the head of the task force himself is out here acting as though this thing is all but over.

I can’t say it enough, inauguration day simply cannot get here fast enough.

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