Politico Reporter Says Republican Staffers Warned Their Bosses That They’ll Quit If They Don’t Vote To Impeach Trump

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Politico congressional reporter Olivia Beavers appeared on MSNBC on Saturday and gave us a glimpse of what’s being said by Republican staffers about the new impeachment article that’s been drawn up against Donald Trump following the armed insurrection the president incited this week that resulted in five deaths, destruction, mayhem, chaos, and a shocked nation. As it happens, the GOP staffers aren’t very thrilled with Trump’s part in the Capitol’s takeover.

“Is there a sense, Olivia, on Capitol Hill that Republicans would really get behind this?” MSNBC’s Alex Witt asked.

“Well, as we’re starting to see some of these Republicans coming out of the woodwork,” Beavers said. “We saw Ben Sasse (R-NE) saying he’s entertaining the idea. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) wants Trump out of office, and if he is not out of office, she may reconsider her party alignment. And I’ve been speaking with Republicans and what you are hearing is sheer rage. One of the quotes I heard from a House staffer who has been a Trump supporter from day one, says ‘I’m burning my MAGA hat.’ They are upset.”


“I am even hearing that they are — some Republican staffers are threatening to quit their job if their boss…if their Republican does not support impeachment, and I’m also hearing that some have even quit their positions,” said Beavers. “I know of at least two House staffers who have quit their positions because of how their boss voted with the objections on Wednesday about the election certification. So you are really kind of seeing the entire Capitol Hill having this awakening moment and Republicans, while they might not be saying publicly where they are, we are looking at a few maybe moderate Republicans who might be joining.”


This is different than the first time Trump was impeached. Trump’s riot was an attack on Republicans and Democrats at the Capitol.  Two former Trump allies that are Republican members of Congress, told CNN they would support impeachment against the President over his role in this week’s deadly attack if the articles are reasonable. One member said, “I think you will have GOP members vote for impeachment.”

“We experienced the attack,” the member told the outlet. “We don’t need long hearings on what happened.”

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