Pompeo Gave Speech At Munich Conference Where He Bragged About Trump’s Achievements, Was Greeted With Silence From The Crowd

Absolutely no one was impressed.

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It seems as though several of Trump’s staunchest supporters within his administration are finally coming to realize that while, for whatever their reason may be, they positively love and adore or at the very least are terrified of Donald Trump, not a whole lot of people outside of their cult-like inner circle share their sentiment.

Today, Donald’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo found that out the hard way when he attended the Munich Security Conference is Trump’s place and delivered a 17-minute speech, talking up western culture, to a room full of world leaders — a speech that was met with little more than suffocating silence.

Pompeo filled his 17-minute address with a plethora of brags on Trump and his “accomplishments” but his audience clearly was not impressed.


Politico reports that leaders of American allies such as France, Germany, and Canada were in attendance as the Secretary of State boasted of job gains and declared that “The west is winning” as a result of Trump’s presidency.

“Today, throughout the Western Hemisphere, we have only Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela as redoubts of authoritarianism. Meanwhile, the United States is thriving. Our political system is free and enormously resilient. Our economy, too, is strong,” Pompeo proclaimed. “The overall unemployment rate is the lowest in more than half a century, economic growth tripping right along. The unemployment rate for women is at the lowest level in almost 70 years. Wages are rising for all income levels in the United States, including our blue-collar workers. This is the power of the Western idea.”

He then paused his speech in what appeared to be a wait for applause before smiling awkwardly and continuing, “The West is winning. Freedom and democracy are winning. And by that, I don’t mean just geographical nations. The West doesn’t define a space or a piece of real state. It’s any nation – any nation that adopts a model of respect for individual freedom, free enterprise, national sovereignty. They’re part of this idea of the West.”

He paused once more, but still, no applause came.

Frankly, they know better.

You can watch the clip here:

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