Possible Bad News For Some Of Trump’s Family Members As President Reportedly Believes If He Can’t Pardon Himself, No One Else Should Get A Pardon

He really is that selfish.

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The topic of Donald Trump and a presidential pardon for, well, himself has been heavy in the air since before he even officially lost the election to Joe Biden. Frankly, the whole entire world knows that Trump has a laundry list of bad deeds he’s set to atone for as soon as he is no longer protected by the powers of the presidency. In fact, if you ask me, that’s why he’s held on so tight, for so long, to the pipedream of somehow flipping this election back into his favor, despite every effort that’s blown up in his face. At the end of the day, the guy just wants to avoid getting into trouble, much like he has his entire life.

After Biden was officially called as the President-elect of the United States, we knew the chances of Trump pardoning himself, and likely his children as well only got higher. But now it seems Donald may have really screwed himself out of that option thanks to his behavior surrounding last week’s Capitol riot perpetrated by his own base, and apparently, he’s so upset by that fact that he’s taken the “if I can’t have it, no one can” approach — which I don’t have to tell you is not good news for folks like Junior, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner.

ABC News White House correspondent, Jonathan Karl reported: “The President has been warned by some of his lawyers that if he goes ahead and pardons himself he could be more vulnerable to civil lawsuits, including from some of those injured in the Capitol riot because a self-pardon would be seen as an admission that he did something wrong that he would need to be pardoned for. The President is angry, he has not taken that well, and I am told that he is now saying that he doesn’t want to see pardons for anybody. So the attitude seems to be, if I can’t get a pardon, then nobody else should get one either.”


Again, a move such as this on Trump’s part could really mean big trouble for some of his closest advisors/family members who were almost undoubtedly counting on Trump to absolve them on his way out the door. I can only imagine that those around him are currently suffering a pretty tough reality check surrounding Donald Trump’s resounding selfishness.

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