President Biden Appeared To Throw Shade At Former Guy Trump In A Tweet With Just Three Simple Words

It doesn't get much better than this.

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President Joe Biden is generally a mature, soft-spoken, compassionate man. He’s patient and kind and very rarely lets anything get under his skin. Hell, it’s one of the things we admire the most about him, especially in comparison to his predecessor who blew up like Mt. Vesuvius at least twice a week. However, don’t let Biden’s calm, cool, and collected demeanor fool you. The guy knows how to throw shade with the best of them — he just does it with class.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, President Biden and his administration are currently working on their new infrastructure plan and the bitter guy who came before him is not happy about it. Trump has released statement after statement essentially just bitching and whining about the fact that President Biden gets to stun the world with his infrastructure package while Donnie is stuck bouncing between golf resorts where no one really cares about him. Matters got even worse for Trump when he realized his own party members don’t even have his back.

But wouldn’t you know, President Biden isn’t a bit bothered by Donnie boy and his temper tantrums. He’s trucking right along with his plan to improve this country in every way he can. However, it looks as though he didn’t pass up the chance to throw a little thinly-veiled shade Trump’s way.


Yesterday, President Biden retweeted a post from the official White House Twitter page announcing his infrastructure deal, captioning the post with three simple words: “It’s infrastructure week.”

Now, Biden didn’t call Trump out by name or anything, by any stretch of the means. But those three simple words appeared to pay homage to a long-running joke in Washington hailing from the Trump era. Back in 2017, Trump announced an “Infrastructure Week” only to spend pretty much the entire time attacking the mayor of London and James Comey. Ultimately, Trump’s big “Infrastructure Week” went absolutely nowhere and his later attempts to repeat the week went down in much the same fashion.

POLITICO has reported that ex-president Trump is so deeply angry over Biden’s infrastructure success that he’s been making moves behind the scenes to sabotage the deal.

Nevertheless, Twitter users just couldn’t help but soak up the joy in Biden’s apparent trolling:

Looks like Biden can ditch those Aviators this week, there’s plenty of shade in the forecast!

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