Press Pool Shocked After Trump Makes Inappropriate Comments While Visiting Areas Devastated By Hurricane Michael

There is something seriously wrong with this guy.

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Donald Trump’s “victory” with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the bubble of traveling from rally to rally this month — half of the days so far in October have had Trump rallies on them — have got the President all up in his ego this week, and he’s talking a LOT of trash. More than usual in fact, if that’s even possible.

But today’s revelation of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test, which could have resulted in a friendly détente between the two, if Trump had an ounce of humility in his body or brain, dialed up his attitude to 11 — and showed Americans just exactly the kind of sexist dumpster fire he is.

Trump and his wife Melania are currently visiting areas devastated by Hurricane Michael, where literally one hundred percent of his attention should be on victims and recovery. But as usual, Trump can’t help himself and is wasting America’s time going on the attack against Senator Warren in a sexist and disgusting way.


The Massachusetts Democrat has it exactly right: Donald Trump is a small, small man, and his ego will permit only so much before he has to strike back at what he feels are attacks on his manhood. For all of his talk about Democrats being negative and having a mob mentality, it’s Trump himself who attacks others most often.

Imagine being a member of the press standing there listening to the President of the United States make a sexist comment like that. The reporter who asked him about his promise to pay a million dollars to her favorite charity certainly couldn’t have been expecting it, but then, the reporter was a woman as well, so his disrespect toward her while answering fits the theme of his attitude perfectly.

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