“Princess Nepotista” Ivanka Shows Up In Davos, Completely Ignores CNN Reporter Who Tries To Ask Her Questions

Answer the question, Princess.

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No one really knows what Ivanka Trump is doing in Davos, Switzerland since she is wholly unqualified to serve in her post as a senior presidential advisor to her daddy. To put it in perspective, to write here for Political Tribune, you are required to have experience, but to work in the Trump administration, a résumé listing your work background is not necessary if your name is attached to the president’s. Nepotism is a theme in Trump’s administration.

Just to further prove my point, Princess Ivanka, who has a background in designing really shitty clothes and whatnot, should have expected questions from reporters about her dad’s impeachment trial in the Senate today but instead, she snubbed CNN’s Jim Acosta when he approached her in Davos.



Donnie Jr., who always seems to be seeking a hug from his raging narcissistic father, jumped in to defend the Favorite First Daughter from Acosta on Twitter.

Twitter users chimed in.

And folks had a few things to say to Junior, too.

And others are just wanting to know what the fuck Ivanka is doing in Davos.

Acosta wanted to know Ivanka’s “thoughts” on the impeachment trial, but apparently she doesn’t have any. She never does, really. Ivanka was not elected to office, and yet, it appears that we, as taxpayers, pay for her trips so she can rub elbows with actual world leaders since her father has failed as one.

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