Protesters Confronted Trump After He Spent Weekend Golfing, Call Him “Traitor” And “Lazy”

You can run, but you can't hide!

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President Donald Trump just can’t seem to get away from all the people who think he’s a shitbag and want him to know about it.

It seems that every time he does something ridiculous, like his Fourth of July debacle or the PR stunt that was his visit to mass shooting victims, he retreats to one of his golf courses to try and outrun the humiliation and scorn.

But sometimes he’s not so lucky, and even his beloved golf courses can offer him no solace. That’s exactly what happened when he recently tried to be slick and hide from the media and protesters.

The White House press pool report at the time stated:

At 2:24 p.m., the pool has rejoined the larger presidential motorcade and we are rolling.

Seven protesters were outside the golf course entrance with signs saying ‘traitor,’ ‘lazy’ and ‘impeach.'”

Of course, the small gathering of protesters was far from incorrect in their assessment of the president, considering he’s spent a staggering 200-plus days on a golf course since he took office, only two of which weren’t on one of his own courses — an average of one golf trip every 4.8 days — and has cost taxpayers around $100 million according to Trump Golf Count. And that’s barely even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his laziness.

Axios reported on Trump’s leaked daily schedule, and it ain’t productive:

“– Since Nov. 7, the day after the midterm elections, Trump has spent around 297 hours in Executive Time, according to the 51 private schedules we’ve obtained.

– For those same schedules, Trump has had about 77 hours scheduled for meetings that include policy planning, legislative strategy, and video recordings. Some days, Executive Time totally predominates. For instance, he had 1 hour of scheduled meetings on Jan. 18 (with acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin) and 7 hours of Executive Time.

The day after the midterms, Trump’s schedule had 30 minutes for a chief of staff meeting and more than 7 hours for Executive Time.”

It seems that Donald just can’t avoid the plethora of people that are tired of his bullshit. There’s nowhere to run and there’s nowhere to hide, Trump. They’re in London, they’re all over America, and they’re even at your golf courses, waiting to remind you that you’re a lazy, useless piece of garbage.

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