Rand Paul Just Blocked Senate Resolution That Would Offer Protection For Whistleblowers

Rand Paul couldn't be more obvious.

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Kentucky’s junior senator Rand Paul has been making threats to reveal the whistleblower’s identity, thus putting that individual in harm’s way. Paul took things a step further on Wednesday by blocking a resolution reaffirming the Senate’s support for whistleblower protections, then he went on to accuse Democrats of “fake outrage.” And that’s pretty weird because the Kentucky Republican sat on the Homeland Security Committee that authorized the Whistleblower Protection Act in late 2017. It’s almost as if he has an agenda to protect his “president.”

It’s not just Paul, but Trump and his son Don Jr., who have also called for the identity of the man or woman whose revelations of the “president’s” quid pro quo deal with Ukraine’s leader launched an impeachment inquiry by Democrats.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) requested unanimous consent to pass the resolution, which “acknowledges the contributions of whistleblowers,” and throws the chamber’s support behind protecting whistleblowers from retaliation, according to The Hill.


“The threats we have seen over the last few days are so egregious they demand bipartisan outrage from one end of this chamber to the other, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, liberal, moderate, or conservative,” Schumer said on the Senate floor. “What’s happening here is another erosion of the values of this republic for political expediency.”

He added that they should “send a message today that the Senate reaffirms our long-standing tradition about defending whistleblowers.”

The problem is that it only takes one senator to block a resolution and Paul just had to go there.

“I support whistleblowers and I do think they have a role to play in keeping government accountable … but what we have seen over the last few years is that we have a system that we should continue to refine,” Paul said.

Paul insisted that his legislation would “make clear” that Trump should be able to face his accuser.

“The bill I will introduce today will expand the whistleblower act [and] would be made retroactive so Edward Snowden can come home to live in his own country,” Paul continued. “All he did was expose that his government was not obeying the Constitution.”

Hirono objected and said she hasn’t had a chance to read it.

“My colleague’s bill was just dropped on my lap literally just now,” Hirono said. “I certainly haven’t had a chance to read through the bill.”

Hirono went on to say she was “flabbergasted” by a provision in Paul’s legislation that would apply the Sixth Amendment to impeachment proceedings.

“Come forward but we’re going to out you, subject you threats, intimidation, retaliation,” Hirono said in reference to the provision.

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What a fucking shitshow. Earlier today, Don Junior tweeted out the alleged whistleblower’s name. But sure, bring the guy who has been residing in Russia home while the individual here in the U.S. is intimidated. Sounds legit! Rand Paul couldn’t be more obvious.

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