Recent Study Says Eating Ultra-Processed Foods Could Be Linked To “Accelerated Cognitive Decline” And It Makes Perfect Sense When It Comes To Donald Trump’s Diet

It makes perfect sense now.

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According to an interesting new study that was recently presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, a strong link has now been discovered between a diet that is heavy in ultra-processed foods and accelerated rates of cognitive decline in the older demographic of adults, per reporting on the matter from The Hill. 

The study that links a bad diet to cognitive decline was co-authored by researchers at the University of Sao Paulo, who thoroughly examined the eating habits of quite literally thousands of test subjects in Brazil, with an average age of 50.6 years old. In addition to their diets, the research team also studied the test subjects’ ability to complete standardized cognitive tests after so many years into the study, while continuing their same diets. Ultimately, the results were pretty clear. Those who ate a diet that was high and heavy in ultra-processed foods — things such as white bread, frozen instant dinners, and sugar-filled drinks — ultimately showed a faster rate of decline in their cognitive test scores, in comparison to those who regularly ate a healthier diet.

NBC News notes that the results of the study have yet to be peer-reviewed, a crucial part of the overall research process, but a representative for the Alzheimer’s Association was clear that the results of this study could spell bad news for the average American and their eating habits.

Now, you may be wondering why this is relevant, why you should personally care, and why a political publication is reporting on it.

The answer is simple: Donald Trump.

When it comes to the ex-president, two things are pretty much unanimously accepted among most Americans — Both his cognitive state and his eating habits leave a lot to be desired, to say the very least.

While his allies and friends regularly attempt to claim that the former president is the epitome of health, vigor, and youth, it’s just not true. Reporting has long indicated that Donald Trump, while he steers clear of things like alcohol and cigarettes, has always taken in a steady diet of complete junk.

Trump’s diet is heavy on the Diet Cokes, sugar-filled condiments, and various fast food joints, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC.

In fact, one of Trump’s former aides, Corey Lewandowski, once revealed that Donald’s preferred fast food order is “a full McDonald’s dinner of two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, and a small chocolate shake – a total of 2,430 calories.”

Regardless of what any Trump ally or friend tries to say, the man’s diet is about as unhealthy as they come — positively chock-full of those ultra-processed ingredients that were cited in the study that showed clear cognitive decline, which is yet another thing that’s pretty agreed upon among Americans when it comes to the former president and his mental state.

We watched in collective horror for four long years as Donald Trump struggled to walk down ramps, mixed up words, struggled to say simple words such as “orange,” tweeted out a motherload of typo-ridden social media posts, and regularly displayed erratic and uncontrolled behavior and anger.

I mean, no one will soon forget Cassidy Hutchinson’s revelation about the ketchup on the wall.

With all that being said, it’s become pretty crystal clear at this point that if this study is as solid as it seems, Trump is in big, big trouble.

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