Renowned Psychiatrist Says Trump Response To COVID-19 Pandemic Worse Than No Response At All; Believes POTUS Lacks Mental Capacity And Should Be Removed From Office As Soon As Possible

This is devastating.

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Social media expert and Resistance impresario Scott Dworkin, the founder of the Democratic Coalition, sat down last week for an interview with preeminent psychologist and Yale professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee to discuss not just Donald Trump’s mental health as a general topic — though the conversation is broad and terrifying — but how it pertains to his response to the outbreak of COVID-19, the strain of coronavirus that’s been ravaging the world and more recently America.

A listener can tell that Dr. Lee was anxious to get to the meat of what the problem with Trump’s response to the outbreak has been — in mere moments after beginning the interview, she’d already gone into great detail about the various factors that make the former reality television host unfit to shepherd the nation through this frightening time.

What we are seeing right now is what we would have expected from a person without mental capacity … [It’s] what we confirmed when we had enough information to actually do an evaluation. The inability to assimilate actual information and to follow advice, to follow scientific protocol, to digest that information, to process that information in a way that would allow him to make rational, sound, reality-based decision-making … There’s other things that he is lacking.

Having such a person turns out to be worse than having no leader at all, because he has spread misinformation, he has suppressed needed information, and has made the situation worse.”

Lee went on to describe the frustration of national experts, who seem to only anger Trump by knowing things, incurring his wrath for letting anything slip, no matter how important, that might lower his odds of reelection — or worse, make him look like he didn’t know what he was talking about when he made some sweeping statement.


Dworkin, being a skilled questioner, led Dr. Lee through a series of topics that covered the range of missteps, misstatements, miscalculations, and misinformation that have come during what has so far been essentially the worst response to a catastrophe ever seen in American government — on par with Bush’s bungled response to Hurricane Katrina, but also on track to have far more devastating consequences.

Market worries, the dismissal of the response team put in place by the Obama administration, and even the false sense of security that Trump has promoted throughout this crisis — all of these factors have served to exacerbate the emergency we’re now facing, and Dworkin and Dr. Lee address each and every topic as the societal vectors connect to create a picture of how not to handle a pandemic.

You can listen to the entire show here on Anchor.FM:

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