Rep. Eric Swalwell Brutally Destroys Jim Jordan Over Vaccine Mandates: “Ohio Should Mandate Assault Reporting For Coaches”

Mic drop.

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California Rep. Eric Swalwell brilliantly trolled Rep. Jim Jordan on Twitter after the Ohio Republican tweeted against vaccine mandates amid the raging pandemic that has taken over 718,000 American lives. Perhaps Jordan is trying to be edgy while his party appears to be against anything that will flatten the coronavirus curve.

Jordan has quite a history with over 100 former Ohio State students saying they were sexually assaulted by a former university athletic doctor while he was an assistant coach. More than five former wrestlers claimed that Jordan ignored the sexual abuse of athletes and students by the former team doctor during his tenure. However, the Ohio Republican has denied knowing that the assaults took place. So, Swalwell went there on Twitter, saying that “Ohio should mandate sexual assault reporting for coaches.”


Twitter users piled in:

Perhaps, and just stay with me here, Jordan should be protecting his constituents instead of being on COVID’s side of the battle. However, he didn’t protect the young athletes on his watch, so it’s difficult to expect very much from him.

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