Report Claimed Donald Trump Discussed Naming Former Campaign Lawyer Who Was Dropped From Legal Team For Being “Too Crazy” As Special Counsel For Election Fraud

This is bonkers.

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Donald Trump discussed making Sidney Powell — the “Kraken” lawyer — who spins unfounded conspiracy theories that go way over the top, a special counsel investigating voter fraud, according to what two people briefed on the discussion told the New York Times. Yes, this is the same Sidney Powell that was reportedly considered “too crazy even for the president,” so she was dropped from the legal team that is trying to prove that widespread voter fraud exists when it clearly does not.

Unfortunately, the report gets even weirder. Maggie Haberman and Zolan Kanno-Youngs report that most of Trump’s advisers opposed the idea, including Rudy Giuliani.

Haberman added more to the story on Twitter:


Powell’s lawsuits have been tossed out of court in a number of states, and the president does not appoint a special counsel, so maybe his advisers should have mentioned that to Trump. The president had also pushed outgoing attorney general, Bill Barr, to appoint a special counsel to look into election fraud and investigate Hunter Biden. As for Powell, they just don’t make Krakens like they used to.

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