Report Claimed GOP Megadonors Have A Favorite For 2024 And It’s Not Donald Trump

Trump isn't going to like this.

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America fired Donald Trump, but some of his supporters would love to see the twice-impeached former president run again in 2024 against Joe Biden. Even though there is a litany of reasons not to give the White House keys to the very man that bungled his response to the COVID-19 pandemic that left this country isolated and jobless, he has a dedicated base. Still, that support is withering — at least with wealthy donors, according to Politico.

Nearly two dozen top Republican Party contributors and fundraisers told the outlet in interviews that the focus has shifted from Trump to former vice-president Mike Pence — and now it’s centered on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Art Pope, a longtime conservative benefactor who chairs the foundation, said his early favorite was former Vice President Mike Pence,” the outlet reports, adding, “that DeSantis had done an “excellent job” as governor and had been well-received by attendees.”


“He’s in the top tier, should he choose to run for president,” Pope said.

Trump is not going to like this.

“As the Republican Party charts its path forward, national donor interest in DeSantis is skyrocketing. Major givers across the country are lining up to support the governor’s 2022 reelection effort, with some committing to hosting fundraising events and others plowing funds into his campaign bank account,” the report continues. “In the past two-plus months alone, DeSantis has received six-figure contributions from Republican megadonors including Bernie Marcus, Paul Tudor Jones, and Steven Witkoff, who in March held a high-dollar fundraiser at his lavish Miami Beach home.”

DeSantis “has a major political future in the Republican Party,” said Don Tapia, a retired electrical company executive who’s given extensively to GOP causes for several decades, according to the outlet. ‘Tapia wouldn’t say DeSantis was his first choice among potential 2024 candidates but called him a “strong candidate I would truly look at.”’

“The governor was mobbed over the course of the weekend. Joanne Zervos, a New York City donor who spoke with DeSantis during the conference, said many contributors saw him as “a nicer version of Trump,” someone who had embraced the former president’s policies but lacked his rough edges,” the report adds. “Zervos said she was drawn to the governor because of his approach to dealing with the coronavirus.”

“A nicer version of Trump”? I’m not sure how that works. Anyone that voted for Trump has an unhealthy emotional attachment to the man. Cruelty is his raison d’etre, and his spirit animal is a venomous snake. It would be nice if we could move on from Trump entirely, but conservatives can’t seem to let go – at least with some version of the former president.

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